American Stars puts on two recitals a year: one in December and one in June. There are occasionally smaller, optional performances throughout the year. Below is information about the upcoming recital.

Spring recital

May 3rd, 2019 - Finale practice

June 1st, 2019 - Stage rehearsal

June 2nd, 2019 - Recital

Both the spring recital and stage rehearsal will be held at Reuther High School in Kenosha, WI. Finale practice will be held at our Antioch studio and is where the dancers will learn our all-cast, final number for the show. Finale practice is not the dancer’s last class or last practice.

There are two performances for the spring recital. Most classes will be in only one, but you will be notified if your class has been chosen to perform in both shows.

Recitals always start on time so dancers need to be on time and ready to perform as well. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to get dancers ready. 

Volunteers are always needed for a recital. Most of our teachers have multiple classes and are very busy on recital days. Volunteers are needed to help dancers get ready to go onstage and monitor classes while they are backstage. Volunteers not only get into the recital for free, but they also receive two additional free tickets. While their dancer is onstage performing, volunteers are allowed to go into the audience to watch.

Dancers are not allowed to leave the backroom unless it is to perform on stage or go to the bathroom. No dancers are allowed in the audience at any time.

What is allowed backstage

  • Water is the only drink allowed. We do not want dancers to stain their costume, or anyone else’s, before going onstage.

  • Non-messy snacks (ie pretzels, goldfish). We do have students with severe food allergies so no snacks with nuts or chocolate are allowed.

  • No messy activities. If you cannot clean it up before leaving, don’t bring it.

Costs associated with the spring recital

  • Costume deposits - A deposit of $50 is due by January 15th. This deposit covers most, if not all, of the cost of costumes and allows the studio to purchase costumes for the dancers. This deposit is refundable unless the costume has already been ordered.

  • Costumes - The remaining cost of the costumes will be due in May and must be paid in full before the dancer can take his or her costume home. You will be notified if you have a remaining balance.

  • Tickets- Tickets will be on sale starting Saturday, May 4th. After that date, they will be available for purchase during any office hours at our Antioch studio. They may also be purchased at the door the day of the recital. Seats are assigned for the spring recital so keep in mind where your dancer is on stage when purchasing tickets. Any child that will be sitting in his or her own seat will need their own ticket.

  • Recital t-shirt (optional) - Recital t-shirts may be purchased to wear during stage rehearsal. The shirts will feature the theme of the show, as well as the names of everyone participating. (order form found here)

  • Photographs (optional) - Each class will have professional photographs taken of them towards the end of the dance season. The photographs are available for purchase, as well as individual photos.

  • Flowers (optional) - Flowers will be ordered by the studio from a local flower shop and may be picked up at the recital. Orders for flowers must be placed before the recital. There may be extras available at the recital for an extra cost, but there is no guarantee. (order form found here)

  •  DVDs (optional) - Personal recording of the spring recital is not currently allowed. However, the performance will be professionally recorded and edited, and will be available for order. (order form found here)

  • Program ads (optional) - The studio offers audience members the chance to leave their dancer a message in our recital program. (order form found here)