Boogie Kids - Boogie Kids 1 is all about movement along with some basic dance moves for very young children. Both boys and girls love this class! This is a ‘grown-up and me’ class and is intended to have an adult participating with the child every week. Boogie Kids 2 is very similar to Boogie Kids 1. It begins as a ‘grown-up and me’ class and gradually transitions into the grown-up participating less and less. Eventually the grown-up sits in the observation area to aid in the child becoming independent and ready for a regular dance class. Both classes promote balance and coordination, following direction, routine, cooperation, taking turns, and sequencing, all while working on socialization and manners. It is common that a child takes the Boogie Kids 1 class for 3 or 4 sessions (or more) before going on to Boogie Kids 2.

Combination Classes - In the beginner level, students will be introduced to movement, music and rhythm, as well as body discipline and awareness. Emphasis is placed on fun and the development of positive self-esteem as the child enters one of their earliest classroom situations. The class will focus on tap and ballet, with jazz being introduced at the teacher’s discretion. In the intermediate and advanced levels, students will expand their knowledge of steps and exercises as they become more complex. There is less repetition within the framework of the steps and tempos will increase. Reinforcement of proper technique and body placement is continued. The class will focus on tap, jazz and ballet during a longer class time.

Ballet Classes - In the beginner class, students will work on basic steps, as well as improving grace, coordination and confidence. Exercises will be used to increase core and overall body strength in preparation to move into the advanced class. In the advanced class, students will continue to work on strengthening and technique, as well as learning more complex steps and working to go up on pointe.

Hip Hop Classes - In the beginner class, students will focus on basic hip hop technique in addition to choreography in a fun, easy-going environment. In the intermediate and advanced classes, students will expand on their knowledge of hip hop moves and technique, as well as learn more complex choreography.

Poms - Students will focus on jumps and kicks, as well as basic jazz steps. Proper technique will also be taught, in addition to learning choreography.

Adult Tap - Students will build strength, skill and confidence through basic tap steps and choreography. This is a great class for those both with and without dance experience.

Senior Tap - Basic tap steps are taught in this fun, low impact tap class.

Theatrical - This class will teach students what it takes to put together a professional show. In this class, students will focus on acting, singing and dancing. Students will learn how to work together by playing improv acting games, tackling dance numbers and singing songs from Disney, Broadway and more.