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Class Schedules and Descriptions

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Class Schedule

We are still accepting students in just a few of our classes.  Please contact our office for class options.

 Please check back often as our schedule may have slight changes. 


If you do not see a class that fits your schedule, please call the office.

If enough interest in that time slot, we will try to start a new class.

Please note - all classes are not offered each season.



Boogie Kidz 1                                                                                                    (45 minutes)

Ages 18 - 36 months

This class includes play-acting, obstacle courses, and creative movement as well as stretching.  This class gives children a structured play experience away from home with other children of the same age.  Parents should plan to participate in class with their child.

This class is also offered in 6 week sessions.


Boogie Kidz 2                                                                                                     (45 minutes)

Ages 2 & 3 years

 Prerequisite: Previous structured atmosphere preferred

The next step up from Boogie Kidz 1.  This class will gradually encourage your toddler to participate in activities without the parent.  Basic dance steps and tumbling will be introduced as well as working on coordination and with props of all kinds.  Parents should plan to participate with their child.


Just the Boys                                                                                                           (1 hour)

Ages 6 - 9

 Tap and Jazz

A fun dance class for boys, only geared to the types of moves and music that boys enjoy.  Helps build self-confidence, improve coordination, agility, and strength.


Combination - Beginner                                                                                         (1 hour)

Ages 3 & up (by September 1st)

Ballet & Tap

Classes introduce children to movement, music, and rhythm, as well as body discipline and awareness.  The classes are designed to develop appropriate skills for the particular age group.  Emphasis is placed on fun and the development of positive self-esteem as the child enters one of their earliest classroom situations.  Jazz introduced at the teacher's discretion.


Combination - Intermediate                                                                                (1 1/2 hours)

Placement at the discretion of the instructor

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

At this level, the students will expand their knowledge of steps and exercises as they become more complex.  There is less repetition within the framework of the steps and tempos are increased.  Reinforcement of proper technique and body placement is continued.


Jazz                                                                                                                         (1 hour)

Ages 8 years & up

Jazz warm-ups and choreography are taught to popular music that's fun and easy to rhythmically follow, while learning correct jazz technique and jazz steps like leaps, turns, strength, and flexibility.


Poms                 3 Levels                                                                                           (1 hour)

Beginner:    Ages 5 - 8

Introduction to dance through the use of Pom pons.  Basic stretches, jumps and kicks as well as basic jazz steps.  Tumbling techniques may also worked on. 

Junior:    Ages 7 & up      NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME 

Reinforcing the basic jazz step, stretches and jumps with a greater focus on the proper technique.  Beginning turns and leaps along with exercises to increase strength and flexibility.

Advanced:    Placement at the Instructor's discretion       NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME

Background in Dance Required

Jump kicks and turns will be the focus in this class.  Striving to perfect them - getting our students ready to compete in the larger arena of high school.  Students will be expected to participate in exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina.


Ballet                                                                                                                        (1 hour)

Ages 13 & up

Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance.  This class improves grace, coordination, and confidence.  Exercises are used to increase core strength.  Do you love to watch The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty?  Learn ballet technique and strive to one day dance in Pointe shoes.


Hip Hop 1     (formerly Jr Funk)                                                                        (1 hour)

Ages 7 & up

Are you interested in Hip Hop?  This class is an introduction to Hip Hop for the younger students or those without previous dance experience.


Hip Hop            2 Levels                                                                                           (1 hour)

2:        Ages 9 & up

This class focuses on the basics of Hip Hop dance - body rolls, turns, freezes, slides, and footwork.  In addition to technique, choreography mixing the elements above is taught in a fun, easy-learning, no-pressure environment.  This class will provide a great workout with a mixture of Hip Hop, Break Dancing, and MTV like dance moves.

3:    Instructors placement

At this level, students will expand their knowledge as the steps become more complex.  This class will still continue to provide a great workout with a mixture of Hip Hop, Break Dancing, and MTV like dance moves.


Adult Dance - Beginner/Intermediate   Tap                                                     (1 hour)

Ages 18 & up

If you were unable to take dance lessons as a child, now's your chance; or maybe you have had five or ten years off and would like a refresher course.  Build strength as well as skill in our basic dance class.


Adult Dance - Advanced                                                                                      (1 1/2 hour)

Ages 18 & up

Continue to build strength and skill in our advanced class.


Senior Tap       2 Levels                                                                                           (45 minutes)

Beginner:        Ages 55 & up

Basic tap steps are taught in this fun, low impact tap class.

Intermediate:   Instructor Approval Needed

If you already know basic tap, join the advanced class.


Yoga                                                                   (1 hour)

          Basic Yoga

Beginner and multi - level Yoga.  Our instructor works individually with her students to comfortably explore Yoga.                              


Yoga classes are ongoing - you can join anytime - purchase a 6-punch pass for $66


Ballroom             Not Offered at this time                                                                       (1 hour)

Couples ONLY - no singles

Older Teens & Adults


 Offered in 6-week sessions


Beginner  1

Have you watched Dancing With the Stars?  Would you like to dance like them?  We can help you and your partner look good at any event and impress your friends!  Come join in the fun and learn basics in Ballroom dancing.  A variety of dances are introduced:  Salsa, Latin, Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Merengue, Fox Trot, Tango, Rumba, and more.  Style of dances taught during a session varies and is determined by the instructors.

Beginner 2:        After 2 Sessions of Beginner

Now you have learned the basics.  Continue on having fun while learning more.

Advanced:            Instructor approval required

Join the advanced class and really go to town.  Go beyond the basics and go towards pro.  You will improve on the styles of dance listed in beginner Ballroom and learn the variety of styles within those dances.


Classes offered through Park Districts - Session Dates


Tap, Ballet, Tumbling                                                                                          (45 minutes)

Ages 4 - 6

Warm-ups and instructional steps are combined with children's songs and props to help provide fundamental skills.  Children are introduced to basic tap and ballet technique.  This is a structured dance experience to establish or continue a "solid" base of knowledge.



Workshops and Special Classes

See "6 Week Sessions" page


Private Lessons

Call the office at 847-838-1234.                                               Print Private Lesson Release Form